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Equipment installation: a step that should not be underestimated


Installation of equipment: why it should not be underestimated
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The bakery sector stands out for its ability to adapt to the important changes in the consumption of its products. This scenario demands modifications and the installation of equipment to respond to the new demands of customers.

In other words, expand the offer, maintain quality and health, make a difference and be more competitive. In addition, the new bakery concept demands spaces where customers can enjoy the different aromas of well-prepared products.

This scenario also applies to those who are in the process of starting a bakery business. In consideration, from gaux we want to highlight the importance of not underestimating the task of installing equipment in these spaces.

What to take into account when installing bakery equipment?

A bakery kitchen is a space that must be specially conditioned to prepare different types of food. Therefore, it requires the installation of equipment with requirements and specifications, which should not be underestimated.

For example, space, distribution, security, energy saving, efficiency and easier handling. However, among the main factors to take into account when installing bakery equipment are:


Custom kitchens are the right, functional and aesthetic solution to baker work needs. Therefore, it is essential to have a professional team in design, manufacture and installation, to start the project.

We are talking about professionals who design efficient plans, equipment installations, electricity and sanitation. In addition, qualified labor that knows the safety and health regulations for this type of space.

Custom space

Select or adapt the space in which the installation of bakery equipment will take place. The goal is to make it as efficient, functional and allow modifications to be made to improve it and with it the quality of the service.

Other key factors to take into account when installing bakery equipment are: enough space to move comfortably and safely, clean and maintain the area and equipment. Share on X


Consider with special emphasis, the installation of equipment with top quality materials. This entails an initial investment, which will pay off in efficiency and durability.


Design the best installation of electrical, gas, plumbing and air extraction connections according to the requirements of the equipment and the official safety regulations.

All these factors play a relevant role when carrying out the installation of professional bakery equipment. Especially because the investment to be made is high and the maximum return is expected.

Equally important is that the staff have a safe space and equipment that adapts to their work routine. Also, facilitate each of the processes to achieve optimal results. Share on X

Importance of maintaining security in installation processes

The importance of ensuring safety has grown in parallel with the installation of equipment. The objective is to protect the worker from the possible risks to which he is exposed.

Some key points when it comes to achieving an optimal level of safety in the bakery equipment installation processes are:

  • Prevention.
  • Limitation of possible risks.
  • Protection against accidents capable of damaging people or property.
  • The design of the machinery.

So, investing in security in this type of scenario will bring some of the following benefits in the long run:

  • Reduction of accidents at work.
  • Fewer interruptions during the workday.
  • Improvement of the work environment.
  • Absenteeism reduction.
  • Less environmental impact.

What are the indispensable bakery equipment?

Bakery: buy the oven according to the characteristics of the business
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Bakeries have always been profitable businesses when you have talent and an ambitious business plan. In addition, technology has entered with such force in this sector that specialized equipment are essential.

Especially, if what you want is to prepare a good final product that your customers love and this way multiply them. In this context, the bakery equipment that is indispensable are the following:

  • Mixers for bakeries.
  • Dough dividers
  • Long Moulder
  • Proofing chambers.
  • Ovens for bakeries.

If your budget is limited, you have the option of purchasing second-hand bakery equipment at gaux. This solution will help you to considerably reduce the initial investment of your business without having to give up the highest quality.

How gaux can help you with the installation of equipment?

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Installing and commissioning bakery and production equipment requires extensive knowledge and experience in managing international projects.

For this reason, at gaux we offer an integral service, taking care of managing every aspect related to bakery equipment and furniture. We have the experience and the staff for all types of installations and technical service.

In general, our services may include:

  • Design of integrated production processes through efficient global concepts.
  • Assembly and electrical and mechanical installation.
  • Integration of new and existing bakery machines and production equipment into customer-specific automated processes.
  • Installation and commissioning of bakery equipment, systems and production lines. Everything included, from dry testing to actual production.
  • Modernization, complete overhaul and restoration of bakery equipment and machinery of all brands, including complete new production lines.
  • Compliance with local guidelines and requirements.
  • Specific training of personnel about the product and the systems. Includes, plant operators, programmers and master bakers.
  • We keep your systems in tune with the most advanced baking technology, significantly increasing the efficiency of your production processes.
Any problem that arises, even last-minute ones, we can solve them quickly, competently and lastingly, thanks to our vast experience in the industry, high degree of customer orientation and flexibility. Share on X


One of the big questions when opening a bakery is the installation of equipment and the safety of the process. However, as both aspects are key success factors, neither should be underestimated.

In consideration, from gaux we offer the installation of the best equipment in the industry, new and used, systems and production lines. We do it in tune with the most advanced baking technology.

In addition, we ensure commissioning in Germany, Europe and worldwide. In the process, we reduce your investment costs, provide shorter project times and solutions to individual problems.

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