customized baking processes, made to measure

Which bakery machine or system is right for you? What equipment does your bakery operation need for production and loading? How can individual machines be combined to create an efficient production line? And how can you maximize and optimize your output while minimizing costs?

Our bakery experts will answer all of your questions, find the best possible machines, and work with you to plan entire production lines with efficient processes. CAD plans are drawn up by our specialized engineers, who take your special conditions and requirements into account – such as space constraints – and identify appropriate solutions to meet your requirements and wishes.


step by step to your tailored bakery operation

We talk about your business idea // Together, we go over your wishes and special requirements // Then we jointly develop solutions and work out the details.   


overview of our services

bakery equipment for production and stores

organization of production

design of efficient production processes with high performance combined with low costs and minimal staffing requirements

reconfiguration of your bakery production line to fit the existing

planning of the building to comply with ifs, aib and brc hygiene standards

recommendation of optimal recipes

assessment of all required information for the architect: height, length, and width of the hall packing area with suspended ceiling for cooling conveyors break rooms for staff supply of steam and heat


let’s get started together!

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