used bakery equipment in top condition

There’s no need for you to get rid of a piece of bakery equipment that has worked just fine for years just because it’s showing signs of age. Instead, you can safeguard your investments by taking advantage of professional modernization and general overhauls at attractive terms.

Our experts refurbish and modernize ovens and other bakery equipment of all makes and types, all the way to restoring entire production lines to like-new condition. Examples include spiral kneaders, bread roll systems, MIWE ovens (rack, multideck and shop ovens) as well as a complete range of smaller equipment. We can also convert existing bakery machines and systems to meet your specifications, while taking advantage of our close contacts to manufacturers, our large stock of spare parts and state-of-the-art technologies.


bakery equipment almost like new―thanks to our in-house facilities

Paint shop with extractor // Sandblasting room with recycling system // Washroom with steam jet // Completely equipped electrical workshop and welding shop // Lathe


overview of our services

geared to your wishes and budget: servicing or general overhaul

assessment and pickup by trained technicians

cleaning, testing and repair of electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical parts and systems

lubrication and oiling

function tests with dough

ce certification in accordance with the 2006/42/ec directive on machinery


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