we’ll help you bake up a storm!

Plunge into the world of our bakery systems and production lines: benefit from our comprehensive portfolio including laminating, baguette and bread roll systems, as well as lines for producing bread and pastries.

trivi dough conveyor line for pizza dough

Capacity: 1200 kg

Gaux Lamination line for pizza dough 62b3136d
Tin bread line 34 19327acc

tin bread line

wp pre proofing cabinet

wp vorgarschrank 6c01ea15
Cover Website 90209b57

fortuna proofing cabinet

könig bun line

weight range: 40 - 85 g
Capacity: 10.000 pieces / hour
refurbished in 2010

310.0007 Konig bun line 12 449a7875
Baguettelinie 9 a06941fc

mecatherm baguette line

for 60/80 trays

muffin line

Muffinanlage 67 b39406f0
biskuit line 48 3427866c

biscuit line

pizza decoration line

1490.0456 Pizza Linie 4 74d80d58
K800 5 604aa75c

bread line system

frozen baguette line

Frozen baguette line 10 81b96333
K800 8 Toastsandwich2 c2ddf40b

sandwichtoast line

Length: 60 m
Width: 6 m
Heigth: 4 m

mecatherm combi line

K800 Teigaufbereitungsanlage 88940882
K800 4 264b1e9c

bread line 1

bread line 2a

K800 8 5bdd634b
K640 7 cb6f343e

bread line 2b