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Industrial dough mixer: why do you need one in your business?


Industrial dough mixer: why do you need one in your business?

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A bakery is a profitable business if you have talent, a solid business plan, and the right equipment. Therefore, as you develop your plan, you must have essential equipment such as the industrial dough mixer.

Perhaps you can carry out the process of making bread dough by hand, and that is clearly possible. However, when your business begins to have a rebound in customers, that is where the problem arises since you will not be able to meet all the orders.

This especially arises due to the low speed of the kneading process and this is when you inevitably need this invaluable tool to prepare the dough. From gaux we want to explain how you can stay ahead of the competition with our equipment.

1. Large-scale mixer

Industrielle Knetmaschine: Großmengen kneten, Geschwindigkeit und Kraft
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An industrial bread mixer has the capacity to process large quantities of flour into dough. Thus, it allows bakeries to bake large quantities of bread when they have a fixed and growing clientele.

Additionally, it facilitates the kneading process to a great extent when a lot of dough is required. In this sense, with just one button, the dough will be ready in a matter of minutes and then continue with the process of a second batch.

With an industrial mixer in your bakery you can get versatility. That means, make more bread and different types in less time. This includes: cakes, waffles, pizza dough, baguettes, confectionery and flavored bread, and much more.

It also includes processing other kinds of food or supplements which will help you if your goal is to make specialized pastries.

With a good kneading you will develop gluten better, your bread will have more volume and sweet doughs hold butter, eggs and sugar better. Share on X

2. Speed and power for every need

If you have a bakery and you do not have an industrial mixer, you will surely lose a lot of time in the bread-making process. Therefore, your bread production may be very low.

This bakery equipment makes the kneading process possible. Also, it allows you to prepare dough for different types of bread.

One noticeable advantage is that you have the opportunity to adjust the speed; that way, you can better control the rotation of the dough. This allows you to work with different types of kneading processes and modify on the fly.

Industrial dough mixers with a timer have an alarm that sounds at the end of the kneading process, so you can stop the machinery and pass the dough to the next process, without wasting time or overkneading. Share on X

3. Ease of cleaning

After a day of preparing bread, there is always dough stuck to the table and the scouring pad with which you clean it. In addition, the flour is scattered everywhere. Therefore, all the elements used for its creation must be cleaned.

If you have an industrial dough mixer, you can quickly and easily disassemble the parts involved in the process to keep it clean and properly maintained.

It is even possible to mix without spreading flour and use the mixing container itself to rest the dough and the gluten. The latter, being better developed, helps you get a less sticky dough and you only have to clean it once.

Finally, you must take into account the ease of the process of disassembling the bowl and its start-up.

Having said all this, it is essential to buy an industrial dough mixer with a simple operation, which facilitates the process of preparing bread.

4. Energy efficiency

Certainly, industrial machinery consumes a significant amount of energy. Therefore, when it is not necessary to knead large amounts of dough for bread, the ideal is to have a single-phase or three-phase dough mixer.

With both, you can set the amount of energy to use for each kneading cycle. In addition, some mixers have a programmable control, which allows you to monitor what you are mixing at any moment and remotely.

Industrial Mixer: Multifunction
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As we already explained in this article, industrial dough mixers can knead flour with all the ingredients; specifically, those necessary to create the dough for any type of bread and other specialties.

At gaux we are dedicated to the modernization, complete revision and restoration of bakery equipment and machinery of all brands. Even complete production lines in Germany, Europe and all over the world.

Do you need to optimize the preparation of bread? Contact us and we will advise you. Our goal is for you to significantly increase the efficiency of your production processes with our high-quality used bakery machines.

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