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What machinery do you need to set up your bakery?


Bakery: what machinery do you need to set it up?
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Bakeries are highly profitable businesses, as the cost of the ingredients is considerably less than the cost of the final product. This is because if you sell a good amount of bread and other products, the profits can be very good.

The first thing you should do before buying equipment specially designed for bakeries is to be clear about the type of business you want to start; especially because on this will rely the type of machinery you will need.

In this post we present an equipment guide to ensure the quality and correct preparation of breads and related. At gaux we have the best equipment for your business and we want to make sure that you cover your operational needs.


The main machinery you need in your bakery is the one whose function is to prepare the dough. That´s to say, join all the elements and mix them until obtaining a completely homogeneous product before fermentation and baking.

We are talking about the mixers as a determining factor to obtain a good quality bread; especially because good kneading produces optimal excitation of gluten and yeast. As result, the bread rises.

And not only that, it also improves the taste, as it gives the dough a certain sweetness flavor. A good kneading will optimize sugars, giving as result a better taste, especially in pastries. In any case, there are 5 types that you get in gaux:

1. L-Shaped Mixer

It is used for pastry and soft, wholemeal and rye doughs. The kneading time ranges between 18 and 30 minutes, so it is a slow machine. Therefore, it forces the addition of yeast halfway through kneading to initially reduce the strength of the dough.

2. Spiral Mixer

It stands out for its speed, which leads to a reduction in kneading time. In addition, it allows supplying a production line without having to increase the mixing capacity.

3. Fork Mixer

It is a slow kneading system with low overheating that allows optimal oxygenation of the dough without overheating it. Additionally, it adapts well for both, hard dough on the first speed, and soft dough on the second.

4.  Planetary mixers

They are machines designed to knead, beat and mix ingredients. They are industrial pastry and bakery mixers widely used in workshops.

5. Lifter mixer

It is used to raise the fermented dough to the necessary height and then send it to the laminator.

Within your business plan, you must include a list with all the bakery tools and instruments that you are going to need, ordered from the most essential and expensive. Share on X


Bakery: buy the oven according to the characteristics of the business
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In a bakery the demand for bread is obviously very high. That is why they need to be logistically prepared to attend to it as it increases. In this scenario, ovens are the really essential machines.

We are talking about the most important equipment in the baking business due to its function. In addition, there is a wide variety of models, sizes and features available on the market. The main 4 are the following:

1. Convection oven

Distributes hot air inside the chamber, ensuring uniform baking. It is perfect for quality productions in bakeries or pastry shops that sell their products directly to their customers.

2. Annular tube furnace

It is more sophisticated, since it also uses a steam circulation heating system, but with closed-circuit tubes. It is ideal for bakeries with large bread production.

3. Deck oven

The product is baked in a series of refractory floors, which generates a bread with a crunchier base.

4. Rotary oven

They include a platform to place the bread trays, which rotate thanks to the rotating base where they are fixed. It has also a panel where you can see the cooking process of the products to verify that the bread is fresh.

At gaux we help you choose the most suitable bakery machinery for your business. From the most basic one to the most appropriate if you are going to offer sweets, cakes and more. Share on X


For the fermentation process, bakeries use machines that provide the ideal and precise environmental conditions. It is a controlled proofing chamber like the ones we offer at gaux.

On this kind of machines, the humidity and temperature parameters are adjustable, continuous and controllable. Additionally, it alerts when the product is ready for the next step: baking in the oven.


Not all bakery machinery revolves around the kneading, fermentation and baking of bread. The cold also has its place, since it allows food to be kept in good condition, as well as to advance the production of bread for the next few days.

They can be used for short-term or long-term storage, which can be regulated.

Bakery: bread slicer, an essential piece of equipment
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Bread slicer machine

Sandwich bread is among the favorites of people in big part of the world. This places the bread slicer as one of the essential machines for the bakery.

With the slicer you can slice bread specially designed to become a sandwich. So they are ready to be spread with any dressing and make toasts. Share on X


Every day thousands of bakeries in the world go for beautiful and recycling material packaging. For this reason, they invest in a packaging machine, with the aim of making the name, logo and brand of the bakery stand out and thus increase its distribution.


Bakeries have a better chance of becoming a profitable business if there is creativity in their process. Likewise, another essential point is to have a solid business plan and good administration.

However, there are other equally important aspects such as specialized machinery, since it allows standardizing processes; as well as increase productivity and maintain the quality of all types of bread and food of the bakery business.

If you have doubts about which equipment to choose, how many units to buy or what accessories would you need, at gaux we can help you.

Get in touch with us and discover how we design production processes and offer high-quality used machinery.

Together we can make your bakery business more competitive and set the stage for success.

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