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Why Acquire Second Hand Bakery Equipment?


Buying second hand bakery equipment
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When it comes to equipping a bakery or pastry business, two main alternatives present themselves: acquiring second hand bakery equipment or purchasing brand-new equipment.

The first option is particularly appealing since it allows you to find high-quality machinery at reasonable prices, readily available. These machines come in various conditions, including those with minimal usage or those that have been refurbished.

In this article, we want to talk about buying used bakery equipment as an alternative for your bakery. We will discuss the importance of choosing the right supplier and the advantages of buying used machines.

Choosing the right supplier

One question that all bakery owners, or those who would like to become one, as themselves is whether it is worth buying used equipment. There is often a fear that these machines won't remain in good condition or won't perform as well as required.

This concern is unfounded if the machines are purchased from a reputable and trustworthy company. These companies usually guarantee the perfect condition and longevity of the machines.

You will often find machines in various states of use. Many machines often go through the process of inspection, maintenance, repair or overhaul. This ensures that the machines are in optimum condition.

In addition, companies that sell used machines may provide guarantees for a certain period. However, this depends on the type and condition of the machine.

In any case, you can trust that these machines have a long remaining lifespan without the need for constant repairs. They are also very user-friendly and safe.

Contact a certified supplier like gaux to buy used equipment. The performance and longevity of used machines are often similar to new machines.

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Advantages of buying second hand bakery equipment

If you are in search of machinery for your bakery, don’t ignore the benefits of buying used equipment.

Significant Cost Savings

The purchase of new, state-of-the-art machines usually involves considerable financial investment. It can also take several years before the investment pays off.

In contrast, the purchase costs of second hand bakery equipment are lower, allowing for a quicker return on investment. In some cases, the savings can be as much as 50% or more compared to the cost of new machines.

This allows for more efficient use of working capital, especially when starting a bakery. This way, you can allocate more funds to areas such as logistics, marketing, personnel and more.

Faster Delivery

Used equipment often stand out for their immediate availability. Once the machine has been paid for, delivery can be completed within a few days or even immediately.

This is particularly beneficial if you urgently require machines to replace a malfunctioning one or if you want to open your bakery quickly.

New machines take much longer to deliver because most machines are made to order, which increases waiting times.

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Contribution to environmental protection

Environmental conservation is a concern for various sectors of modern society. Consequently, constant efforts are made to reduce the negative ecological impact in any way possible.

If you, as a business owner, align with this way of thinking, you can opt for purchasing used bakery equipment. This is a way to extend the life of machinery that still functions optimally.

By doing so, you would contribute to reducing the pile of waste that contaminates the planet.

Quality Technical Service

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Reputable companies that sell second hand bakery equipment invest a significant amount of time and effort in inspecting and refurbishing the equipment. They ensure no detail that could affect their performance is overlooked.

To achieve this, they make sure to have a team of highly qualified experts in the field of technical service. Typically, the sale includes an option to contract such a service plan.

Purchase Second Hand Bakery Equipment at gaux

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Since 2001, at gaux, we have been dedicated to refurbishing, selling, and maintaining high-quality used bakery equipment. We enhance the competitive potential of businesses in this sector by reducing the associated costs.

Furthermore, we design comprehensive production processes through the application of highly efficient global concepts. We are capable of designing tailored solutions for each customer and providing them with expert guidance.

We refurbish and modernize bakery equipment of any brand. Additionally, we take care of the installation and commissioning of complete production lines, from dough preparation to packaging.

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We operate from Germany, serving various countries in Europe and America, as well as India, Australia, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates among others. If you want to equip your bakery with second hand equipment from a reliable supplier, don't hesitate to contact us.


Acquiring second hand bakery equipment can be the most favorable option when starting a bakery business. This alternative offers several excellent benefits, with a remarkable return on investment being the highlight.

The most important aspect is selecting a trusted supplier, just as we are at gaux. We strive to contribute to our customers' success by supporting them at every stage of their business with our professionalism and dedication.

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