bakery equipment, professionally installed

Installation and commissioning of bakery and production equipment call for extensive know-how and experience in international project management.

Particularly for international projects with complex requirements, any problems that arise – including last-minute issues – have to be quickly, competently and lastingly resolved. You’re in good hands with gaux, thanks to our thorough industry knowledge and extensive experience with countless projects in Germany, Europe and worldwide!


how you’ll benefit from our expertise

International project management // Customized contracts // Flexible payment and financing options including LC, cash against document and standard wire transfers // Global customs handling with country-specific export and import documents, e.g. EUR 1, T2L, certificates of origin, bills of lading etc. // Worldwide shipping, also on a large scale (shipments comprising more than 100 containers) or heavy weights (e.g. 52-tonne ovens) 


our on-site services at a glance

mechanical and electrical setup and installation

compliance with local guidelines and requirements

integration of new and existing bakery machines and production equipment in customer-specific, automated processes

commissioning of bakery machines, including everything from dry tests to actual production

product- and system-specific training of staff (plant operators, programmers and master bakers)


let’s get started together!

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