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The proofer has become one of the most essential bakery equipment. Especially because one of the most delicate moments in the bread making process is the fermentation of the dough.

This is because the dough needs to reach specific conditions before going into the oven. The process of making bread is complex, and you have to keep it very controlled so that everything works correctly.

If you want the final product to be what you are looking for, you need bakery equipment that allows the dough to ferment properly. For this reason, from gaux we explain everything you need to know about this specialized equipment.

What is a proofer?

Understanding the fermentation process of bread allows to work with the flavor, texture and aroma of the dough. This is a delicate phase that requires the use of specialized machinery in order to optimize results.

For example, a bread proofer. It is a metallic piece of furniture that preserves and provides the specific temperature and humidity allowing an optimal and faster rise of the dough.

Even more important is being able to precisely control the required fermentation of food. This technology has made the fermentation of bread an easy process for any bakery business.

It is key to understand the different stages and factors that influence the fermentation process. In this way, we can create the best conditions to achieve the best results with the different types of dough Share on X

How does a proofer work?

Bread proofer: find out how this machinery works
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Proofing chambers, depending on their application, can be classified as follows:

  • Traditional proofer.
  • Controlled proofing.
  • Fermentation interrupter.
  • Retarder proofer.

Each of them has applications and functions that allow them to ferment. However, in general terms, they work similarly:

  • The traditional proofer uses only heat and humidity.
  • The temperature that usually applies is between 28-32°C and humidity between 70% and 85%.
  • Transfers constant radiant heat emanating from the base plate.
  • Maintains humidity. It does not diffuse air and therefore, does not dry out the content.
  • The operation can be adjusted to each product. Thus, you can achieve the desired results, whatever the type of bread is.
  • In preparations that require adding moisture for fermentation to take place correctly, a tray with water is used. This is placed on top of the proofer base to provide humidity to the environment.
  • The controlled proofing chamber has four phases: interrupting, cooling, heating and fermentation.
  • The chamber to interrupt the fermentation is only equipped with cold equipment and a programmer. Thus, it allows the interrupt (negative cold) and maintenance of the dough in refrigeration (positive cold).
In the retarder proofing chamber, doughs can be prepared the day before. For example, Galician bread, ciabatta and loaf, among others Share on X

Advantages of using a proofer

Having a proofer has several benefits. From gaux we want to mention the most important ones so that you can assess them:

Dough fermented at the right point

The biggest advantage is that it controls temperature and humidity levels precisely. Thus, you can obtain pieces of bread in the estimated time and in optimal conditions before entering the oven

Systematizes and accelerates the production process

You can prepare and ferment dough in almost half the time and with optimal results at any time of the year. You can also optimize times, configure cycles, and be more productive contributing to the success of the business.

Homogeneous pieces of bread

The proofing chambers allow all your breads to ferment uniformly. This means you can get the same quality and size in each production batch.

Allows you to create sourdough or starter

Having it ready in half the time and in a controlled manner

No need to cover the dough

The humid environment of the proofer keeps the dough moist and soft without the need to cover it to prevent it from drying out from exposure to air.

Learn more about the proofers offered by gaux

proofer: find out what we offer at gaux
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Proofing and cooling of dough are essential steps on the way to the finished product. For this reason, at gaux you will find all the necessary equipment to optimize your business processes.

We have a series of proofing and cooling equipment that are key to obtaining great results. Let's see some of them:

  • KOMA Sunriser Proofer. Composed of 4 proofer retarders and 1 storage freezer.
  • Colip proofer retarder. Made of stainless steel, non-slip coated floor, temperature range +5 to +30°C and digital control.
  • HEIN GPC2000 proofer retarder. Stainless steel edition, suitable for 12 trays, digital control and temperature range -20 to +35°C.
  • Holtkamp proofer. Proofer 360 peelboards or 900 x 800 mm trays. Cooling tower for 310 peelboards or 900 x 800 mm trays and 2 tray stackers with approx. 750 per tower.

Our machinery is ideal for bakeries that are dedicated to regularly making bread of all kinds. Specifically for long proofing and pastry doughs that require rest.

Our proofing machinery allows dry, humid and low temperature fermentation in order to make the most out of the nutrients in food and to control the temperature and humidity Share on X


By introducing the dough into a proofer you will obtain higher quality products and you will be able to offer hot bread whenever you need it. This will undoubtedly have an impact on the productivity and success of the business.

At gaux we are experts in new and used bakery equipment. Among our products you will find the perfect solutions for your business and to optimize the work of your employees.

Within our stock of proofing chambers we have different models and sizes that adapt to the demands and needs of our customers. Contact us and our specialized team will answer all your questions.

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