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Don't miss these bakery and pastry trends 2023


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The year 2023 brings with it very well-defined bakery trends that businesses in the industry must take into account. This is in order to please the public and stay up to date in the market.

It is worth to mention that many of these trends are part of a kind of post-pandemic awarness. This experience has brought with it changes that have permeated the public in a permanent way.

In this article we share with you the 5 most important trends in bakery. If you want to ride the crest of the wave, be sure to read this information we have brought for you.


For this year one of the most marked trends in bakery will be freshly baked breads, sweets and pastries. Most people around the world can't resist the aroma of these freshly baked products.

In fact, most bakery sales are linked to the consumption of very fresh products. Their appearance also plays an important role in consumers' purchasing decisions.

Those bakeries that have the capacity to bake several times a day have a high level of sales. Therefore, it is advisable to bake several batches of products so that they can be sold fresh.

However, frozen and raw products ready to bake, are also gaining an important space in the taste of consumers. It is an excellent alternative for those who want to taste a fresh and professionally prepared product in the comfort of home.

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Only those bakery businesses that are able to inspire trust in their consumers will keep their clientele captive. Much of this trust is earned by producing healthy products.

We are referring to foods that are high in fiber, gluten-free and low in refined sugar. These characteristics are seen as promoting health and wellness. The latter is one of the greatest interest of today's consumers.

This trend is joined by vegan foods, for which demand is growing every day. Therefore, it is important that you have this type of product in your business so that you can offer it to this growing niche.

Artisanal and traditional products

Products made from traditional recipes and involving simple processes are always among the public's preferences. Nowadays, the less processed, the better.

So, recipes of yesteryear, are handmade and without food preservatives and colorants are the most sought after. So are the classics with some new, locally produced and seasonal ingredients.

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Or even classic recipes with different presentations or decorations that give them a revamped and modern air. The fact is that old and good never goes out of fashion, and will continue to be a trend in 2023.

Artisanal as part of trends in bakery.
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Of course, flavor will always be at the forefront when choosing to buy a bakery product. No one wants to spend their money on something with a bad taste. Therefore, this aspect can never be neglected in this type of business.

In the search for new recipes, ingredient combinations, healthy versions and more, you can't do it without persuing a great taste.

Some of the flavors that the public prefers and would like to see incorporated into bakery products are:

  • Olive pesto.
  • Barbecue or smoked.
  • Onion with cheese.
  • Garlic with chili.

When it comes to sweets, chocolate (black and white) and red fruits lead the audience's taste. In such a case, it is always the idea to find new combinations that involve an explosion of flavors in the mouth.

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Maximum Comfort

Shopping online is a new consumer habit emerged in the pandemic by Covid-19. Consumers have discovered the pleasure of acquiring everything they want and need with just one click, and they don't want to give up on that.

Therefore, today bakeries must be adapted to this trend, known as Phygital, in order to continue selling. This term refers to the combination of a physical store with digital presence.

We must add also the delivery service, take-away deliveries and pick-up deliveries. Of course, appropriate packaging must be achieved in order to preserve the freshness, good taste and excellent presentation of the food.

Maximum comfort as part of trends in bakery.
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Now you know what are the top 5 bakery and pastry trends for 2023. Make sure to apply one or more of them in your business in order to increase your customer base and delight the ones you already captured.

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We can also design fully integrated production processes through highly efficient global concepts. Thanks to them, it is possible to reduce your production times and costs.

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