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How to optimize the productivity of your workforce?


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There are 3 fundamental aspects that every entrepreneur or business owner must consider to optimize or open a bakery. The first is a functional space, the second is efficient machinery and the third is workforce.

Especially because labor productivity allows any business to respond in a timely manner to the needs of its customers. It is an indicator closely linked to business growth and quality.

Additionally, it allows measuring the efficiency of workers or work teams when producing. This involves analyzing time, resources and the final product. In this post, from gaux we want to give you some tips to optimize your results.

The added value of bakery equipment

To optimize labor productivity, it is crucial to save time on the most repetitive or basic tasks in the business. But how can you do that? Simple, by automating the production process.

Including equipment and technology allows you to optimize the productivity of any business model, even a bakery; making them perform as well as possible.

Although automation is usually implemented through new bakery machinery, it can also be seen in more efficient working methods.

For example, bakery equipment helps the experienced baker to increase his productivity, because he knows exactly what he wants and how he wants it without losing quality or control over his products.

This process includes, from the elaboration of the formula for the bread dough, to the different elaboration processes. We are talking specifically about proofers, hydraulic dividers, kneaders, moulders and more

Each bakery equipment allows to optimize the work space, produce high quality dough, make a more flexible workforce, reduce costs, time and increase productivity. Share on X

Finally, although the investment in bakery machinery can be high, there are options that even offer payment facilities. Also, there are used equipments in excellent condition and with warranty as the ones we offer at gaux.

What is the most useful equipment for bakeries?

Labor: know the most useful equipments to optimize your productivity.
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Making bread requires skill, talent, passion and a series of utensils, machinery and ideal equipment to create quality products that meet customers' expectations and make a business profitable.

In general, it can be said that the quality of the oven is the core of the bakery. However, before baking, it all starts with the recipe, the ingredients and the utility that certain equipment brings to facilitate the work.

Here are the most useful pieces of equipment to optimize the labor of your bakery's workforce:

  • Precision weighing scale. Essential for weighing ingredients with precise measurements and in small quantities.
  • Kneader. They have a capacity of 25 to 400 kilograms, reduces kneading time, refining and labor. It helps reduce energy costs and frees up space in your working area. The most important thing is that it improves gluten formation, achieves sweeter doughs and an easy to handle kneading process.
  • Mixer. They mix liquids and doughs, help to improve the product, especially pastry, optimize costs and labor
  • Slicer. Useful for businesses with high production of bread and other products.
  • Gärschränke. Die kontrollierte Gärung hilft, die Produktqualität zu verbessern, den Gärungsprozess zu beschleunigen oder zu verlangsamen.
  • Weigher divider. It performs the volumetric cut of the dough before entering the fermentation chamber. The objective is to give the desired weight, volume and cut for each recipe.
  • Refrigerator. To keep ingredients such as milk, cream, butter fresh and prevent them from being damaged.
  • Oven. Undoubtedly, this equipment is essential. For example, deck ovens adapt to the need of baking small or large production volume.

To this list of equipments can also be added: work table, sink, furniture, brush, scissors, thermometer, stainless steel strainer and more.

There are specialized bakery equipment and ovens to standarize processes, that help to avoid mistakes in the elaboration of products. Share on X

Benefits of industrial equipment on productivity

Two excellent ways to optimize all the indicators of your bakery are, first, focus on the productivity of labor. Second, to count with the specialized industrial equipment for this business model.

By complementing both factors, the following benefits are obtained:

  • Optimize raw material utilization.
  • Automate for greater processing.
  • Improve production times.
  • Identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in the production process.
  • Increase the quality of the service and the final product.
  • Improve safety and comfort conditions.
Some industrial equipment for bakery can be managed from smartphones to program the type of baking, time, loading or completion of the process. Share on X

Production process and labor

Manpower: boost your productive process.
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Despite automation and bakery equipment, labor is still essential to optimize productivity. Mainly because bread making is the set of transformations of raw materials.

Specifically, wheat flour, salt, sugar, yeast, margarine and water, among others. Then, the labor force, according to the recipe, processes everything to obtain a final product of excellent quality.

Among the benefits of having skilled labor in the production processes are the following:

  • Cost reduction. The right personnel to perform productive tasks in a company avoids making mistakes that can be costly.
  • Reduction of occupational accidents. Having the necessary knowledge and skills to perform work tasks is in many cases, the best form of prevention.
  • Competitiveness and corporate reputation. A company with a skilled workforce obtains better results, is more competitive and becomes a benchmark in the market.


At gaux we know what innovation is and we are aware of the importance of optimizing labor productivity. Quantity, product quality and ROI depend on the combination of both.

In addition, we always recommend teamwork, as it offers added value to the production process. It allows to merge talents, ideas, knowledge, skills, to increase the quality of the work.

We design integrated production processes and solutions through efficient overall concepts, with a high degree of customer orientation and flexibility. Also, we provide you with used bakery machines and complete overhauls.

If you need more information about our products and services, please contact us. Our specialized staff will be pleased to answer all your questions.

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