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dismantling of a bread line in switzerland

demontage schweiz

We have just completed a large scale dismantling project for a bakery in Switzerland. The highlight is definitely the removal of a 62-tonne Daub deck oven with a crane through a specially designed roof opening.

The work included the dismantling of a complete bread line, from bowl lifters to oven outfeed. Our goal was to take care of the entire dismantling process ensuring a tidy space afterwards. Among other things, the project included the following steps:

  • dismantling of both bowl lifters
  • dismantling of both make up sections
  • dismantling of the pre proofer which was used for both make up sections
  • dismantling of the follow-up make up section
  • dismantling of the final proofer
  • dismantling of the 62 tons Daub oven with 140m² baking area
  • complete planning of the dismantling process
  • dismantling of all platforms
  • making all this possible while running operation of the bakery
  • taking out every single piece of equipment through a specially made opening in the roof
  • organization of the transport
  • organization of lifting equipment
  • guarantee a suitable place for the development of the bakery activity after the dismantling process
  • all this in a time frame of 4 weeks, which was executed precisely on time.


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