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general refurbishment of 3 spiral mixers for south america

Spiral Mixer

At the moment we are refurbishing 3 spiral mixers in our workshop in Dornhan for a project in South America. This consists of the complete revision and modification of the spiral mixers in order to work for the production in oversea. Since the factory is bound to use another voltage as well as frequency, we are required to modify all the electrics of the mixers. The tasks for this project includes the following:

  • defining together with the customer the machines needed in order to get the required capacity
  • supply of suitable machines by Gaux
  • transport to our headquarters in Dornhan
  • complete dismantling of the mixers
  • visualising, listing and supply of all needed spare parts like:
    • bearings
    • belts
    • other wear parts
    • new electric components
    • drive components
  • complete modification to 60Hz usage with new motors
  • sand blasting of the machines
  • new paint for the machines
  • manufacturing of a new electric panel with new wiring
  • assembly and test of the machine after installation
  • packaging of all spiral mixers and bowls suitable for container transport

Basically, the goal is to manufacture machines at the same level as new ones based on old spiral mixers, in a short period of time and at a fraction of the price of new ones.


julia boca is happy to help you with any questions