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Gaux has been helping bakeries get ahead of the game since 2001. Among other things, we reduce your investment costs with high-quality preowned equipment. We design integrated production processes based on highly effective end-to-end concepts. And we leverage our many years of hands-on experience to quickly and flexibly implement solutions that meet your unique needs. Nor is that all―we have lots more to offer. Explore the world of Gaux!

Preowned equipment and complete overhauls

Modernization and complete overhaul and restoration of bakery equipment and machinery of all makes, including entire production lines, to the standard of new systems.

Project management, installation, assembly and commissioning

Setup and commissioning of bakery equipment, systems and entire production lines in Germany, Europe and worldwide.


Everything that bakeries need to succeed―and more!

Gaux specialists support you with a comprehensive range of services for keeping your systems in tune with the state of the art in bakery technology and significantly boosting the efficiency of your production processes―in Germany, Europe and worldwide.


Our current lineup of preowned equipment

Do you need individual high-quality pieces of equipment for your bakery? Or an entire production line? You can count on getting the right equipment for your requirement from Gaux. If wished, including competent advice, rapid delivery, and support for assembly, installation, and production startup.

  • elektrisch beheizt

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  • Gesamtlänge der Anlage: 22000 mm
  • Gesamtbreite der Anlage: 3500 mm
  • Gesamthöhe der Anlage: 3700 mm
  • Herdbreite: 2500 mm
  • Herdlänge: 13000 mm
  • Backfläche: ca. 65 m²

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  • Länge des Ofens: 2030 mm
  • Breite des Ofens: 1330 mm
  • Höhe des Ofens: 2625 mm
  • geeignet für 600 x 600 mm Bleche
  • gasbeheizt

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News at Gaux

Would you like to keep up to date on Gaux, our bakery equipment and current projects? You’ll find an overview of breaking news here.

We’re currently refurbishing a large system for an industrial bakery in Turkey.

Wanted: young, talented trainees and new faces on our sales force to take our customer service to the next level. We’re looking forward to welcoming new employees to the Gaux family!

We’re carrying out the general overhaul and installation of an entire production line for a major bakery chain.