Toast lines

Tin bread line

  • Machine no:-WAR-
  • Condition:used
Consisting of the following components:
  • continuous mixer
  • dough lifter
  • pre portioner
  • Benier dough divider 4-chamber
  • Van Dijk pre proofer each 8-Row with new S7 touchpanel control
  • setting belt to long moulders
  • 2 x Benier long moulders
  • conveyors to final proofer
  • Capway final proofer
  • Tromp Decojet water cutting system
  • seeding device
  • setting to loader of tunnel oven
  • Sasib tunnel oven (gas heated)
  • Capway depanner
  • Newsmith tin cleaning system
  • conveyors to the beginning of the line
  • oiling station for tins
  • setting conveyor to spiral
  • double cooling spiral
  • 2 spirals: each with adjustable speed, belt width: 60 cm, deck height: 14 cm, entrance height: 74 cm, exit height: 74 cm, number of decks: 22, outside dimensions: height: 6,6 m, length: 14,7 m, width: 6,0 m
  • belt lifter
  • conveyors to the packing area
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