rheon ciabatta line

Consisting of the following parts:

  • 2x VMI mixers 300 kg dough, incl. 6 bowls
  • Dough resting station (white dough pans)
  • Bowl tipper for white dough pans
  • dough feeder
  • Rheon dough sheeting line:
  • V4 dough divider, VX121
  • Satellite head
  • crossroller
  • cutting station
  • Cutting station
  • setting device
  • ARS Pan Proofer
  • ARS Pan stone oven: 3 m belt width / 24 m belt length
  • Technopool cooling spiral
  • GEA spiral freezer
  • Bag packaging machine with counting machine, carton erector and carton sealer

fully baked machinery solutions


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