fritsch artisan bread line

Consisting of the following parts:

  • 2 VMI mixers, extendable for 240 kg of dough, year of construction: 2000, incl. 7 boilers
  • Dough pause station, built in 2000, 7 places
  • VMI Bowl tipper, Year of construction: 2000
  • Fritsch dough sheeting line, year of construction: 2000
  • Consisting of: star splitter, extruder, laminator 3000, cross roller, calibrator, cutting station
  • Guillotine including accessories: various cutting knives (rollers/punches), spreading belts, moistening and sprinkling devices
  • Peelboards
  • Kaak peelboard transport, year of construction: 2000
  • Kaak Step End Proofer , Year of manufacture: 2000
  • 2x cutting robots, year of construction: 2012
  • MIWE thermal oil mesh belt furnace, year of construction: 2000, belt width: 3.5 m, belt length: 24 m, thermal oil central heating boiler 500 kW
  • Kaak cooling frame (oval), year of construction: 2000, 4 hanging levels
  • GEA spiral freezer, year of construction: 2008, Freon refrigerant with cooling machines, converted to new refrigerant R 449 A
  • Loos steam boiler, year of construction: 2000

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