bread line 2a

Consisting of the following parts:

  • Diosna double spiral mixer
  • Diosna electric control (partially renewed)
  • Diosna bowl tipper
  • Diosna electric control (partially renewed)
  • Kaak Doughmaster
  • Kaak rounding conveyor
  • 2x Benier rounder
  • Kaak pre proofing cabinet
  • Benier rounder to long-moulder
  • Kaak long moulder
  • Benier transport to proofer system
  • Kaak electronic control (partially renewed)
  • in connection with bread line 2B:
  • Kaak discharge to fermentation line
  • Kaak transport to the fermentation system
  • Kaak proofer loader
  • Kaak proofing cabinet
  • Kaak proofer discharger
  • Kaak grouping table
  • Kaak electronic control (partially renewed)
  • Daub transfer table
  • Daub oven loader
  • Daub oven
  • Daub oven discharger
  • Daub electronic control (partially renewed)

fully baked machinery solutions


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