amf line

Consisting of the following parts:

  • AMF KRDIIe Bun Divider Plus PanoMat (4 Across)
  • KRD Dough Flo Dough Metering Pump
  • Rounding table and rounding bars
  • Zig Zag board, flour sifter
  • servo drive Rotary Gate for proofer feed
  • 4 Pocket Intermediate proofer
  • Clamshell dump, two roller sheeter
  • Pneumatic Indexing Gates
  • Flour sifter, AC Drive Grip Belt for Pan Index
  • Remote Electrial Panel AB SLC 5/04 Processor
  • (6) AB Powerflex drive
  • AB Panel view plus 700 operator interface
  • 6 Across Pressure Boards for Hot Dogs
  • Burford sheet metal shaker (used)

fully baked machinery solutions


julia boca is happy to help you with any questions