immediate available mixers


We currently have a number of mixers available in stock in various sizes and configurations. If you are looking for a quickly available and sustainable machine, then you are in the right place. We have the most popular brands on the market such as Diosna, Kemper, WP and more.

Even with the current global situation, we can guarantee immediate availability of this type of machinery (spiral mixers, wendel mixers, industrial, etc…). Below we list some of the opportunities available:

  • Kemper SP50 - generally refurbished with fixed bowl
  • Kemper SPA 100 - used with 3 bowls
  • various Kemper SP/ST125 models
  • various Kemper SP150 mixers
  • various Kemper SP200 mixers
  • Diosna SP120D
  • Diosna SP240
  • Diosna SPK125 - with bottom discharge
  • Diosna S120 paddle mixer
  • Diosna W240 Wendelmixer
  • various WP UC80 charge mixers
  • various Boku mixers
  • various MBK Ellrich mixers - also suitable for the meat industry

In addition, we also have a wide variety of bowls of all brands and sizes individually available. Contact us for more information.

general refurbishment of 3 spiral mixers for south america

Spiral Mixer

At the moment we are refurbishing 3 spiral mixers in our workshop in Dornhan for a project in South America. This consists of the complete revision and modification of the spiral mixers in order to work for the production in oversea. Since the factory is bound to use another voltage as well as frequency, we are required to modify all the electrics of the mixers. The tasks for this project includes the following:

  • defining together with the customer the machines needed in order to get the required capacity
  • supply of suitable machines by Gaux
  • transport to our headquarters in Dornhan
  • complete dismantling of the mixers
  • visualising, listing and supply of all needed spare parts like:
    • bearings
    • belts
    • other wear parts
    • new electric components
    • drive components
  • complete modification to 60Hz usage with new motors
  • sand blasting of the machines
  • new paint for the machines
  • manufacturing of a new electric panel with new wiring
  • assembly and test of the machine after installation
  • packaging of all spiral mixers and bowls suitable for container transport

Basically, the goal is to manufacture machines at the same level as new ones based on old spiral mixers, in a short period of time and at a fraction of the price of new ones.

dismantling of a bread line in switzerland

demontage schweiz

We have just completed a large scale dismantling project for a bakery in Switzerland. The highlight is definitely the removal of a 62-tonne Daub deck oven with a crane through a specially designed roof opening.

The work included the dismantling of a complete bread line, from bowl lifters to oven outfeed. Our goal was to take care of the entire dismantling process ensuring a tidy space afterwards. Among other things, the project included the following steps:

  • dismantling of both bowl lifters
  • dismantling of both make up sections
  • dismantling of the pre proofer which was used for both make up sections
  • dismantling of the follow-up make up section
  • dismantling of the final proofer
  • dismantling of the 62 tons Daub oven with 140m² baking area
  • complete planning of the dismantling process
  • dismantling of all platforms
  • making all this possible while running operation of the bakery
  • taking out every single piece of equipment through a specially made opening in the roof
  • organization of the transport
  • organization of lifting equipment
  • guarantee a suitable place for the development of the bakery activity after the dismantling process
  • all this in a time frame of 4 weeks, which was executed precisely on time.

overhaul & repair of several deck ovens

Machine Überholung

Behind the scenes: News from the gaux workshop

We are currently setting several deck ovens in operation for a large German industrial bakery. From the repair of the core assemblies such as the stove body and energy components, to the professional insulation of critical temperature zones, all assemblies of a deck oven are checked down to the smallest detail by our in-house mechatronics and system electronics technicians and restored to new condition. The control modules are also checked for functionality by our team of programmers, fitted with new components or, if desired, replaced with completely new control systems.

A product-related, professional check of all functions completes the modernization process of the deck ovens.

Once the custom overhaul is completed, the ovens are delivered to the production site and set in operation.

modernization of an industrial bakery in turkey

Modernisierung für industriebäckerei

We’re currently refurbishing a large system for an industrial bakery in Turkey.

Als Spezialist für gebrauchte und neue Bäckereimaschinen und Produktionsanlagen stehen wir Ihnen gerne als verlässlicher Partner zur Seite.

Eine Maschine, die sich in einem Betrieb jahrelang bewährt hat, muss man bei Alterserscheinungen nicht abschreiben. Wir bieten fachmännische Modernisierung und Generalüberholung zu günstigen Preisen an. Von Öfen und Maschinen aller Marken und Typen bis zu ganzen Produktionslinien auf Neuanlagen-Niveau!

Im Umfang enthalten ist ein TRÖ 400 Vorportionierer, ein Vorgärschrank mit Stüpfelstation und Langroller, eine 8-reihige Kopfmaschine, die (je nach Teig) einen Gewichtsbereich von 30 – 85 gr bei einer Stundenleistung von max. 24.000 Stk/h fasst.Weiter geht es mit einem automatischen Absetzband, das die Teiglinge direkt in die Gehänge des darauffolgenden Endgärschranks transportiert. Der Endgärschrank, mit einer Abmessung von 5000 x 4035 x 6420 mm, fasst eine Kapazität von 940 Gehängen und wird ebenfalls auf den neusten Stand gebracht. Nach Fertigstellung stehen die Maschinen bereit zur Abnahme durch den Kunden bei einem Vorort-Termin. Im Anschluss werden diese sicher konfektioniert und per Spedition und Seefracht ins Ausland exportiert.

Wir freuen uns darüber, unseren Kunden diesen Rundum-Service anbieten zu können.

behind the scenes

Hinter den Kulissen

We are currently carrying out a general overhaul and construction of an entire bakery line for a large bakery chain. Complex modular adaptation is required according to customer requirements. This customer- and product-specific implementation ensures an extension of the baking time and leads to even better product quality of the baked goods. This also means that cooling and frost times must be extended accordingly. The system is scheduled to be set into operation this year. A lot of coordination and know-how are required for professional implementation. Today we were able to go behind the scenes and see our welder setting welding seams

Career at gaux


Young talents and new faces starting their training in sales for customer service. We welcome our new employees to the gaux family. Today marks the start of training for Maximilian Hass and Luca Dietrich, our two new trainees in wholesale and foreign trade management. We also welcome Sandrine Jost to sales and look forward to future collaboration.

Alle drei freuen sich auf die neuen Herausforderungen und bereichern unser Team!

Wir wünschen einen erfolgreichen Start in unserem Betrieb.