clerk for marketing and communication

Start of training: 01.09.2024
Duration of training: 3 years

Are you creative and communicative? Do you like learning new things and enjoy working in a team? Do you want training with great projects and a lot of practical relevance? Then you are in the right place with us!

With us you will learn everything you need to get started successfully in the creative world: how to make contacts, develop communication concepts, organize campaigns and conduct market research. You will also learn how to use the media correctly and assess their impact, calculate costs and develop financial plans - even including a technical college entrance qualification if you wish.

During the 3-year training you will learn the following topics, among others:

Advertising theory
Media planning
Business Administration
Market research
Advertising and media law
Public relations
Event management
Internet communication
Sales promotion
Creativity techniques
Audiovisual media
Printing process

The training year begins 01.09.

After completing your training, you will take the external IHK exam to become a marketing communications clerk. To take up training you need one of the following qualifications:

   Secondary school diploma
   Proof of transfer to class 11
   of a high school
   high school diploma
   Equivalent internationally recognized qualifications

For talented secondary school graduates, access is possible via an aptitude test in individual cases.

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