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Where to buy used bakery equipment of excellent quality?


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One of the secrets of a successful business is to have it properly equipped for optimal productivity. In this sense, used equipment can be a good alternative to achieve this goal without spending too much.

You can have a fully equipped bakery with production lines integrated entirely by used equipment of excellent quality.

Where can you get them? In this article we will talk about our company: gaux. We can offer you this and much more to keep your bakery business successful and competitive.

About gaux

At gaux we have been helping companies in the baking industry to stay ahead of the market since 2001. In addition, among other things, we help our clients to minimize investment risk.

We are based in the Black Forest region of Germany and we are specialists in trading bakery equipment. We also have a multidisciplinary team to provide complementary services; like planning, assembly, installation and commissioning of complete production lines. All this, together with the design of highly efficient processes fully integrated with each other.

Our clients are made up of bakeries industries of different sizes; such as artisans, franchises and industrial businesses. Globally, we have planned and implemented ambitious and demanding projects with resounding success.

We are present in countries such as:

  • Germany.
  • Austria.
  • Switzerland.
  • Sudan.
  • South Africa.
  • Canada.
  • Unites States.
  • India.
  • Bangladesh.
  • Kazakhstan.
  • United Arab Emirates.
  • Yemen.
  • Australia.
  • Dominican Republic.

And we are constantly expanding to reach many more countries.

At gaux we want to reach every corner of the world to support companies in the bakery sector to achieve their operational objectives Share on X

Our equipment

We sell all kinds of machinery and equipment for the bakery industry, both new and used. We have a large selection of used equipment for a wide variety of production steps. Technically flawless and quickly available.

Our used equipment is in excellent condition, which ensures optimal performance and a good durability rate. Check our stock, we have everything the bakery industry could need.

In addition, our selection of used equipment covers a wide range of production steps. Our refurbished machines are ready use. After purchase they are immediately available.

Among the range of machinery available we have:

  • Baking equipment.
  • Proofing and cooling equipment.
  • Confectionery/pastry equipment.
  • Store/Shop Equipment.
  • Production lines.
  • Dough preparation.
  • Cutting and packaging equipment.
  • Cleaning equipment.
It doesn't matter if it's new or used. The equipment you buy at gaux guarantees high performance and durability Share on X


Gebrauchte Bäckereimaschinen und ihre Garantie
Photo by gaux

All our equipment, new or used, are a guarantee of quality, efficiency and safety, since we work with the most prestigious brands in the market. In addition, our products and services are guaranteed by the following aspects:

Master bakers

Experts in a wide variety of baking processes, including those at the industrial level. Therefore, our projects are supported by their knowledge and experiences.

Years of experience

Practice makes perfect. Experience acquired during more than 20 years of planning production lines. We have carried out the transport, assembly, disassembly and commissioning of all types of bakery systems.

International project development

We carry out large projects with special challenges in which we even take care of logistics and customs procedures.

High qualification of our staff

Our work team includes professionals from different areas:

  • Electrical engineers.
  • Programmers.
  • Metallurgists engineers.
  • Master cabinet makers.
  • Master pastry chefs.

Short term deliveries

We make quick deliveries at the request of our customers, thanks to our large stock of equipment and spare parts. Likewise, we meet the deadlines established in our projects with reliable results.

Own workshop

We have our own space for painting, construction of control systems and sandblasting. In it, we can repair, recondition, review and adjust equipment and machinery.

The preference and satisfaction of our national and international clients are a clear example of the excellence of our products and services.

Consultancy and services

gaux team meeting
Photo by gaux

Our extensive knowledge of the bakery industry is available to all our customers. Our consulting service increase the possibility of grow comprehensively and stay ahead of the market.

In addition, we offer high-performance equipment to run a bakery's operations. We can also do a general review of your business to determine weaknesses and strengths.

We can also help you with:

The modernization of your business

You don't need to give up on equipment that works well just because it is several years old. You can extend its useful life by refurbishing it and changing parts to adjust it to current requirements.

This allows you to extend its useful life and optimize your investment in equipment, which helps make your business more profitable. We have expert technicians in the modernization and restoration of all types and brands of equipment.

We can transform equipment and machinery to adapt them to more specific requirements. In this way, they can be adjusted to the unique needs of your business.

All this thanks to our strategic alliances with prestigious manufacturers in the sector, as well as our use of state-of-the-art technologies and a large stock of spare parts.

Whether it is with the refurbishing of your old equipment or with the acquisition of new ones, we can help you to modernize the production area of your bakery. Share on X

Baking customization

We design, plan and assemble baking processes tailored to your needs. We supply the machinery that your business requires specifically to optimize production and reduce costs.

We have a team of experts willing to clarify all your doubts and work together to plan efficient processes. Our specialized engineers will make CAD drawings to ensure the best distribution of space.

All this aimed at your total satisfaction and the success of your business.


The used equipment we sell at gaux is in perfect working condition. In fact, they are capable of delivering performance similar to that of brand new equipment.

However, if your preference is to equip your business with brand new equipment, we can supply it as well. And not only that, but we can support you in the implementation of your entire production line.

We are a company with extensive experience in the bakery sector and we have enough proven experience to provide you with excellent advice.

Do you want to take your bakery to its full potential?

Contact us and let us help you.

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