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The importance of strategic analysis in your bakery business


Strategische Analyse: Entdecken Sie die Bedeutung für Ihren Bäckereibetrieb
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The main objective of strategic analysis is to identify the key aspects of the business. The result, used correctly, can lay the foundation for competing and working effectively for success.

We are talking about a tool that explains in detail all aspects of the present of a company.

From gaux we want you to know how this analysis can help you so that you know where you want to go and how far you can go. It is a document that can be very useful for the growth of your bakery business.

What is a strategic analysis?

Strategic analysis is the process of studying or investigating the internal and external environment of a company or business. The objective is to evaluate the present and future components of the business in order to formulate a strategy.

Specifically, one that optimizes decision making and meeting objectives. In other words, from this analysis it is possible to structure a strategy that allows reaching a specific goal. For example:

  • Grow in the bakery market.
  • Increase sales.
  • Develop new products.
  • Reduce costs.

It is a methodology to investigate, analyze and structure maps of the particularities present in the scope of an organization. Thus, they are easily visualized:

  • Opportunities to be able to compete.
  • The areas that need improvement.
  • Areas with satisfactory performance.
  • Critical areas that may pose a threat to the business.

To optimize results, companies must always think about increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Specifically, increasing the organization's ability to deploy its resources intelligently.

The analysis seeks to define the strategy that will keep your business present in the bakery business. Share on X

What is the importance of strategic analysis?

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A strategic analysis is essential to ensure that you are taking the right course in the management of your business.

Given the numerous challenges and decisions of varying magnitude that arise in day-to-day management, it is essential to have a broad and planned vision that allows you to make informed and effective decisions.

Together, these decisions will shape step by step the path that will be followed by the company. They will also determine the level of success that can be achieved.

That is exactly where the importance of strategic analysis lies, which is supported by its important advantages:

  • It will help your business stay up to date.
  • You will be able to measure your results to know what line of work your bakery business should follow to achieve success.
  • It helps to know your customers, their motivations, how they think and what their needs are.
  • It provides a variety of very relevant information to perform your work efficiently and effectively.
For decisions to be effective, they cannot be the result of assumptions or purely intuitive thinking. Therefore, strategic analysis is essential to corroborate the actions to be taken Share on X

Strengths of strategic analysis

This type of analysis is designed to ensure that your company obtains all possible benefits and can:

  • Be clear about the positive internal attributes of the organization.
  • Know and identify the strengths of the available resources.
  • Understand the business environment.
  • Identify development opportunities. In order to make the right decisions.
  • Effectively understand what is working and replicate the success in other areas of the business.
  • Generate competitive advantages. Thus, you will always be one step ahead of your competitors.
  • Discover activities that are causing more harm than good.

What to keep in mind when conducting a strategic analysis?                  

For strategic analysis to be successful, it must seek a balance between the environment, resources and business values. Due to different factors, doing so is not a simple task.

However, from gaux we have compiled a series of tips that can help you guarantee a successful result with less effort:

  • Point out all the strengths and weaknesses of your company with complete honesty and sincerity..
  • Clearly visualize the current situation of your bakery business and not where you want it to be. At this point, it is important to do evaluations or audits regularly. For example, of the processes that you carry out.
  • Clearly define your priorities and goals.
  • Conduct an analysis and list the factors you need to consider in order to develop an effective business plan.
This information will give you the bases to be able to elaborate a more accurate planning and make better decisions Share on X

How can gaux help you?

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An analysis of the market situation can provide you with crucial information to understand the different scenarios and propose effective business strategies.

At gaux we have the team of experts you need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your production processes. This way, we can formulate a competitive strategy that will boost your bakery business over the competition. For example:

  • Determine which bakery machine or system is right for your business.
  • Evaluate how to combine individual machines.
  • Optimize production and minimize costs.

We will work with you to plan complete production lines with efficient processes. In addition, we will take into account your conditions, special requirements and space limitations.

Based on these requirements, we will develop solutions and work out details. Such as:

  • Design production processes. With high performance, low costs and minimal staff requirements.
  • Facilities planning. To comply with hygiene regulations.
  • Organization of production processes.
  • Reconfiguration of the production line.


Every company must conduct its strategic analysis to establish priorities, know which points to attack and which resources to strengthen. With the results, you can optimize decision making.

These will help you to adjust the company's course, focusing on the future you want to achieve. In that context, a good planning helps you to know if you will have the expected success.

At gaux we help the bakery industry to stay ahead of the competition by designing integrated production processes through efficient global concepts.

Contact us, and discover all we have to offer.

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