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Reduce time and optimize results with a spiral mixer


Ergebnisse optimieren und Zeit reduzieren mit dem Spiralkneter

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The mixers are the indispensable equipment in bakeries and similar businesses. Among them we have the spiral mixer, one of the most used in the process of making breads, buns, pizzas and other products.

This kind of equipment has been in the industry for decades, but technological advances have brought continuous improvements. For this reason, today they have features that make them indispensable in automated production lines.

Today we want to talk about the spiral mixer and how it differs from other types of mixers. We also tell you where you can buy one that suits the needs of your business.

What is a spiral mixer?

The spiral mixer is a kitchen equipment that is composed of an arm in which a loop-shaped hook fits. Its main function is to stir and/or knead very thick or highly dense mixtures.

It works through rotating movements of both the hook and the bowl, which can rotate at the same time. Generally, it does not have additional accessories, but this does not reduce its versatility.

This equipment is suitable for making different types of dough for the preparation of different types of products such as:

  • Breads
  • Buns
  • Pastries
  • Cookies
  • Pizza

They are very resistant and high-performance machines capable of kneading numerous batches of dough in a short time. This translates into an increase in production with less effort and more quickly.

In this way, it is possible to supply large production lines with a minimum amount of this equipment.

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Differences between the main types of mixers

Differences between the spiral mixer and other types of mixers
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In the bakery industry, three types of mixer are mainly used for the kneading process:

  • Spiral Mixer
  • Arm Mixer
  • Fork Mixer

Here are the differences between each of them:

Spiral Mixer

The main characteristic of this mixer, and what sets it apart from the rest, is that the spiral hook and the bowl rotate simultaneously. Thanks to this, the temperature caused by the friction in the kneading process can be controlled.

As a result, a very homogeneous, flexible and well-balanced dough is obtained practically in one step. In addition, thanks to the fact that it works by exerting downward pressure, the dough undergoes less oxidation.

High-quality doughs can be obtained in this type of mixer regardless of the degree of hydration. It is a very reliable equipment that allows to recover the investment very quickly.

Arm Mixer

The most significant difference of this type of mixer is its pair of articulated arms that move the dough in a to-and-fro manner. In this way, they emulate the n. Auf diese Weise ahmen sie das manual kneading that a baker would perform.

However, kneading is delicate and allows a high level of oxidation of the dough. Therefore, the result is a highly alveolate and high quality dough. The container can also move thanks to a motor that makes it rotate.

In this mixer the temperature does not rise too high, so the chemical and physical qualities of the flour are preserved. The container is usually tipped over for easy unloading.

Even so, it is necessary to emphasize that it is a machine in which the kneading time can take from 18 to 30 minutes. For this reason, yeast should be added halfway through the process, in order to reduce the initial strength of the dough.

This makes it very slow when you want to cover large volumes of production.

Fork Mixer

This mixer bases its system on a movement that allows turning and pressing the mixture thanks to a fork located obliquely. This is what sets it apart from other mixers that normally work at a vertical angle.

The container is free to rotate due to the natural rubbing of the dough while it is in contact with the fork. This equipment works silently and it is very resistant. It is ideal for kneading delicate doughs for fine pastries.

Thanks to its design, the dough is considerably oxygenated in a very short time without generating an increase in temperature. The doughs obtained in this type of machinery are of the highest quality.

Both soft and hard doughs can be kneaded in these mixers with excellent results in both cases.

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Where to buy a spiral mixer?

Where to buy the spiral mixer

If you want to equip your bakery with a spiral mixer, at gaux we have several models and brands in our stock. You can find them with different characteristics, functionalities and capacities.

You will surely find the ideal one for your business. We have equipment of excellent quality and performance, both new and used, to provide solutions according to any budget.

In addition, we take care of the assembly and installation of your equipment and we can even integrate it into the entire production line; which we can design and plan adapting it to your business model.

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We can also give you professional advice on various issues related to the bakery business. Among them, the kneading and baking process together with the best equipment to obtain optimal results.

Do you want to have everything you need to achieve success in your bakery? Then contact us. We will be happy to accompany you on the road to consolidating your goals.


The spiral mixer is one of the equipment that cannot be missing in a bakery. They allow to reduce production time and guarantee optimal results in the elaboration of various types of dough.

Also, remember to always equip your bakery with recognized quality equipment and purchase it through reliable suppliers, such as gaux.

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