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In the baking process, once the dough has been divided, it is placed at rest. The next stage is the shaping of the piece to give it a symmetrical and homogeneous shape. In these cases, the molder is the best tool, especially since shaping is a key stage in the bread-making process.

In addition, many of the defects originated in bread rolls are caused by poor handling of the dough during this stage.

From gaux we want to share the usefulness of this bakery equipment, as well as the multiple uses that you can give to it.

In this article, we talk about one of the most comfortable and versatile bakery utensils that exist.

Bread Molder Utility

Bakery machinery is essential to guarantee quality products, symmetry, homogeneity and taste. In addition, it essential to maintain the properties of each recipe.

In this context, the moulder ensures that the dough acquires the shape of the loaf of bread that you want to make. Thanks to this tool, you can get a small bar, sandwich type, a baguette or a traditional bar.

The bread molder can be adjusted, both in height of the bands and in other parameters to achieve a quality product that meets the needs of each bakery Share on X

On the other hand, it allows the loaf of bread to be presented with a pointed or a rounded end. The bun molder has wheels that apply pressure on the dough.

After this process, the dough is finally ready to be placed in the oven and become the final product.

Uses of the bread molder

The molder machine is located at the end of the process. After the dough has been divided and fermented, the bread moulder shapes it, leaving it ready to go into the oven and proceed to the baking phase.

Next, we will see more uses of this interesting professional equipment for bakeries.

Traditional bread

The bread molding machine is mainly used to make the most demanded product, traditional bread. By means of a skid prepared for this task, it produces bars of various shapes.

In addition, it keeps all its alveolar structure, typical of manual production, preserving the traditional aroma and flavor.


benier baguettelangroller ml1100 3

The bread molding machine can be designed to make elongated pieces such as loaves, baguettes, half baguettes or mini baguettes. In the shaping process, the dough is first sheeted and then rolled on itself.

Then, the rolled dough passes through different pressure plates to achieve the length desired.


The molder is suitable for producing laminated breads with a weight range of 50 to 2,000 g. In general, it is made up of:

  • Centering devices.
  • 3 sets of sheeting rollers, individually adjustable. Each roller is equipped with scraper blades.
  • Mesh with adjustable height and double plate for a progressive shaping and to avoid the stress of the dough.
  • Some machines are equipped with an electric door lock system. Ideal to avoid accidents.
  • There are 4-roller equipment, compact and adaptable to any type of dough.


The rounder divider machine is ideal for bread rolls or round pieces. During the forming process, this equipment: flattens, divides and rounds the pieces.

The pieces that come out of the molder are precisely adjusted to the desired grammage, avoiding waste and speeding up the production process Share on X

Bread for hot dogs and hamburgers

It is a very versatile machine with which one you can obtain the desired shape for each type of bread, for hot dogs or hamburgers. Its function is to round or lengthen the pieces of dough giving them different shapes, either long or round bread.

Special formats

Ideal for forming special breads, starting from fermented dough with high hydration. It has an electronic speed variator to facilitate the shaping of the product depending on moisture, fermentation and required shape.

In addition, it automatically incorporates flour allowing to regulate quantity and time. It can also be complemented with other equipment. For example, an automatic tray setting device.

Get to know the molders we offer at gaux

bageutte moulder langroller

The bread molder allows the pieces rounded to become loaves of traditional bread and other bakery products.

At gaux we have different equipment that allows you to shape the dough in different ways. Let's see some of them:

  • Baguette molder - dough preparation.
  • Pretzel Fritsch molder.
  • Benier toaster and slicer.
  • Benier baguette molder.

We invite you to explore our inventory of machinery with cutting-edge technology that ensures maximum durability and reliability, enhancing your production process.


The bread molder is located at the end of the production process leaving the pieces ready to get into the oven and move on to the baking phase. In addition, it can be adapted to the required characteristics.

At gaux we offer the most appropriate solution with the bakery equipment you require. Thus, you can respond to changes in the sector and improve the productivity and profitability of your business.

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