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How to successfully embark on the donut making business?


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Donuts are a delicious and very popular dessert around the world. For this reason, donut-making businesses have proliferated. In the United States alone it is a market of USD 10 billion a year.

It consists of a ring-shaped dough that is fried or baked and glazed or covered other toppings of various flavors. There are also filled with any variety of jellies and creams that delight adults and children alike.

Although there are challenges, this business may be an ideal one. Here we tell you what you need to start yours and be successful; from equipment to strategy and profitability. Interested? Follow us.

Necessary equipment for the production of donuts

To make donuts on a large scale, you must simplify the process as much as possible, which is possible through technification. Here we mention some of the equipment that will help you to do it:

  • Mixer: It mixes the ingredients to get the donut dough, and it is also an appropriate way to obtain large volumes of dough in less time. It can work independently or integrated with the donut making system. It is advisable to select those with a capacity of at least 60 liters and adjustable speeds that reach up to 450 rpm (revolutions per minute).
  • Automatic donut manufacturing systems: this is machinery that allows programming the donut manufacturing process, from molding to frying. The production capacity of these systems can reach 100 dozen per hour.
  • Donut making machine: it is a piece of equipment that is responsible for giving the dough the shape of a bagel. Its job is to knead the dough, shape it and drop it into the deep fryer. It is possible to choose between different sizes.
  • Donut Bin: it is the container where the donuts will be placed after leaving the fryer.
  • Glazing Machine: Allows you to evenly coat entire batches of donuts, which can be 24 units or more, depending on equipment capacity. The glaze is drizzled covering the donuts on one side only.
  • Packing machine: it is a equipment that allows donuts to be packaged for transport and sale, in a hygienic and safe manner. Most of these machines pack and seal the packaging, but others also print the brand logo.
Integrated donut making equipment is the best way to automate the production process on a medium and large scale Share on X

The profitability of a donut business

The donut making business and its profitability.
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Donuts are a business that can be very profitable. It is a delicious dessert that can be addictive and is liked by people of all ages.

They are ideal for an afternoon snack with friends and family, to enjoy at parties and meetings, to go to the cinema or to watch a movie at home. There are even those who just by putting a candle on them, turn them into a birthday cake.

Therefore, they are ideal for any occasion. In addition, infinite flavors can be combined when making them; You will never get bored. Consequently, the market is wide, especially in countries like Spain, USA and Mexico.

On the other hand, it is a business that does not require a high investment to start and offers large profit margins. Likewise, to be successful, you don't need to be a pastry specialist either.

Another aspect to highlight is that the donut-making business can be carried out without the need to acquire a franchise. The public also enjoys more artisan proposals with local flavors.

Donuts are delicious and loved by kids and adults alike. The basic recipe can be easily modified to make innovative products while maintaining its essence Share on X

Importance of a strategic analysis

Although making donuts can be very profitable, before starting your own business you should analyze the market and the competition. Learn in depth about the industry.

Visit all the donuts stores you can. Find and analyze economic studies on this industry in your area and emphasize the studies that involve large companies in the field.

When you have this information, analyze the following points:

The area

Think about where you want to sell the donuts. Determine also what the characteristics of the place are and what the people who frequent them are like. Discover what are the existing gastronomic offers in the place.

Establish which businesses have the highest flow of customers in the area and how your business can make a difference in that location.

The industry

Determine who is the target audience of the competition, as well as the audience that is excluded. Take a look at the type of technology they use to make their product and, which ones they are not taking advantage of.

Get advice so you can determine the business model of the largest companies in the industry. Think about the opportunities you can take advantage of by determining what products are not currently being offered.

It is also relevant to point out what the threats are and how you can reduce or eliminate them. Knowing this will reduce uncertainty and the possibility of failure.

The market

Try to walk in the consumer's shoes and think about what kind of people buy and eat donuts. Also determine:

  • At what time.
  • For what reason.
  • What medium they use to do it.
  • Where do they get the means to pay for it.
  • What is the maximum price that the customer pays for the product.
  • The class of people who do not buy this product.
  • The reason why they don't.
  • Can you offer them some alternative.
  • Which companies offer this product.
Strategic analysis is what will tell you if your product and business have a place in the market and who is your audience. Share on X

Get to know gaux confectionery and pastry equipment

Donut making and the equipment you need

At gaux we sell specialized equipment for the baking industry. Therefore, we have ideal machinery to prepare pastry and confectionery products, such as donuts.

Our inventory is made up of new and used equipment from the best brands in the industry. Many of them are made of top quality materials such as stainless steel.

We can even design, assemble and put into operation the complete production line for making donuts with them. The most prominent are:

  • Bear planetary mixer.
  • Mixer Roboqbo 1203.
  • Boyens filling machine.
  • Bakon fondant enrobing machine.
  • Mono FG072E Confectionery Depositor.

If you want to know what other machinery we have available, contact us.


The donut making business is very profitable and its success will depend on a good strategic plan and process automation. This is influenced by the proper selection of baking equipment to ensure quantity and quality.

If you decide to undertake yours, in gaux you will have an ally for the provision of excellent quality equipment. If you want to increase the chances of success of your business, you should always choose the best equipment and the best ingredients.

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