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Commercial Convection oven: explore the benefits for your business


Commercial convection oven and its benefits.
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Commercial Convection ovens are frequently used, and they are very convenient for food processing businesses.

Bakeries, cafes and restaurants can enjoy many of their advantages. This is especially true when it comes to enjoying a delicious bread.

However, it is necessary to know well how this type of ovens work in order to use them properly. For this reason, in this article we share interesting information on this topic.

Benefits of commercial convection ovens

Using this type of ovens in your business can translate into several advantages. Here are some of them:

Shorter baking time

Products baked in a convection oven bake faster. This is because the hot air completely surrounds the product.

The time saved is 25% in comparison to a conventional oven.

Baking is uniform

Traditional ovens can sometimes heat up some areas more than others. This does not happen in a convection oven, as the air circulates constantly.

For this reason, food is baked evenly. There will be no zones that are more baked than others. This guarantees the same flavor and appearance throughout the baked good.

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Toasting is optimal

In traditional ovens, air can be transformed into moisture. This causes the food to steam and not toast.

The constantly moving hot air creates a dry environment. This is what allows the food to develop a crispy and appealing crust.

Saving energy is possible

Because baking is faster and at a lower temperature, energy use is more efficient.

Which is better, traditional or convection oven?

Convection oven or traditional oven.
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There are a wide range of traditional ovens. Their energy sources can be wood, gas or electricity. It is possible to find and purchase them easily and they allow baking any kind of food in them.

Commercial convection ovens are basically the same. The fundamental difference is that they also have fans that distribute the air inside. For this reason, a constantly flowing heat stream is created.

A traditional electric oven may involve excessive energy use and slower baking. Therefore, for a bakery or any food business, the use of commercial convection ovens is recommended.

With them, it is possible to achieve better results, in less time and with less energy expenditure.

Main uses of a commercial convection oven

Commercial convection ovens are frequently used in bakery businesses, since they offer excellent results in this field. Let's see some of them:

Toasted bread

The flow of hot air allows some types of bread dough to acquire a toasted crust. On the outside they are crunchy, but inside, the dough is soft and moist. a delight!

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Baking cakes and puff pastries.

These ovens are a marvel when it comes to baking croissants, puff pastries and pies. The heat they generate rises faster and this helps the dough rise better. The result is that the preparation rises and acquires an ideal texture.

Baking cookies

In commercial convection ovens, baking cookies is very fast and easy. The circulating air avoids having to rotate the trays for even baking. This means excellent quality and more cookies baked per batch.

Uses of convection oven.
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What to consider when buying a commercial convection oven?

Before buying a convection oven, it is advisable to analyze certain elements in order to make the right decision. Let's see what it's all about:

Energy consumption

It is a fact that the more energy a business equipment requires, the higher the costs are. Therefore, this is an aspect that must be taken care of. Convection ovens are very convenient in this regard.

With them baking is very fast, which helps to save energy and, therefore, money. In addition, gas convection ovens save much more than electric ovens, because gas is an economical fuel.

However, baking time in a gas convection oven is longer than in an electric oven. Likewise, the texture of the food may vary from one type of oven to another.

Expected results

The convection oven delivers even and standardized results with every bake, thanks to the uniform and consistent temperature inside the oven. For many businesses, it is important to maintain a continuous quality standard in their products.

Therefore, it is important that each product has the same appearance, taste and texture. This is a very easy aspect to achieve with the use of a convection oven.

Required functionalities

Depending on the type of business, the convection oven may be required to have certain functionalities. Nowadays, there are a wide range of brands and models on the market with several functions.

The most common ones are:

  • Automatic ignition system
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Baking mode programs from which you can choose bread, pastries, roasts, meats and much more. Everything prepared for a baking mode more adapted to each type of food.
  • Cooling function
  • Internal lighting
  • Hot air, steam and humidity extraction
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Safety level

Each type of convection oven (electric or gas) may involve certain risks. Gas ovens, for example, pose risks of leakage or fire, due to the need to maintain a continuous flame during operation.

Electric convection heaters, on the other hand, pose a risk of short circuits and fire. Also, because it heats so quickly and in multiple directions, it can cause burns.

It is necessary to evaluate which type of risk is easier to control, according to the particular needs and conditions of each business.


Commercial convection ovens cost much more than traditional ovens. However, the price range is considerably wide. It is influenced by the manufacturer, model, functionalities, finishes and type of energy source.

Therefore, in this regard, everything will depend on what is needed and the budget available to purchase the equipment.


Commercial convection ovens are highly recommended equipment for businesses that sell prepared foods. In particular for bakeries, pastry shops and the like. Although their cost is not the lowest, their advantages are numerous.

If you are looking to bake food quickly, with standardized and high quality results while saving energy, this is the best option. At gaux we have a wide range of convection ovens for bakeries.

You can buy the one that best suits the particular needs of your business. You can choose from used equipment in excellent condition and with a long useful life cycle.

Interested in equipping your bakery? Contact us.

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