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The bakery business has undergone significant changes in recent decades. In the past, bread was made by hand, and recipes were passed down from generation to generation. Nowadays, technology and bakery equipment are indispensable.

Especially for companies looking to produce high-quality products with great flavor while preserving artisanal quality.

Additionally, they are essential machinery for any company seeking robust processes, increased efficiency and productivity. 

However, for many businesses, choosing the right equipment remains a headache. That's why, at gaux, we invite you to learn how bakery equipment is classified and where to buy them.

Type of Operation

Every day, technology advances with the aim of making processes easier, safer, and more efficient. Knowing the latest advances in bakery equipment is essential for implementing improvements in production processes.

At the same time, it meets the growing demand of consumers. Furthermore, techniques and methodologies have evolved to give rise to new types of products and industrial production processes. 

Now, regarding the classification of bakery equipment for production facilities, they are divided into several categories based on the type of operation: continuous or intermittent. 

Continuous or Fixed Bakery Equipment

These are machines that, due to their large size, installation requirements, and operational needs, need to remain in one place for use. For example, those that require water, gas, and electrical connections.

Within this classification of continuous or fixed equipment, we find: 

  • Baking/cooking equipment. Used to transform raw ingredients into baked products through heat. These include various types of gas, electric, convection, and steam ovens.
  • Mixers and kneaders. 
  • Refrigeration equipment. 
  • Dough dividers
  • Work tables with sinks for food handling. 
  • Sinks for washing containers, utensils, and food. 
  • Complete production lines.
  • Fermentation and cooling chambers, among others.

Level of Automation

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The level of automation of bakery equipment greatly influences the scale of bakery and pastry product manufacturing, whether it's artisanal or industrial production.

In this context, with the right machines and sophisticated interconnection, bakeries can make their processes more efficient, safe, and reliable. They can also tailor their productivity to meet market demand. 

However, it's essential to consider whether bakery products will be produced from start to finish or if the bakery will work with semi-finished products. In the latter case, fewer automated machines and equipment are required. 

But if you are planning to open a large bakery, you will need highly automated machinery and equipment. This way, your business will be prepared to receive and process ingredients on a large scale, significantly streamlining the production process and positively impacting productivity and quality.

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Functional Purpose

This classification of bakery equipment is directly related to design and functionality. For instance, some machines are designed to perform complex tasks precisely and uniformly, ensuring that products have the same quality and flavor in every batch.

They are also capable of working with various types of dough, allowing for the production of a wide variety of products. 

Some machines, based on their functional purpose: 

  • Ensure consistent temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Significantly reduce production time. 
  • Increase the profitability of the entire process. 
  • Help maintain product quality consistency.
  • Reduce variation between different batches. 
  • Some are designed to optimize the use of available space in facilities, maximizing production capacity in limited spaces. 

In this classification, you can find bakery equipment for: 

  • Dough preparing and semi-finished products.
  • Fermentation processes. 
  • Dividing and shaping. 
  • Baking.
  • Storing finished products, and much more. 

Where to Buy Bakery Equipment

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Are you planning to start your bakery business and looking for where to buy the machines you need? The first thing to do is to have a clear idea of the type of business you want to start.

From there, you can determine the classification and type of bakery equipment you need. 

For example, you may want to set up a bread distributor to supply your products to small shops Alternatively, you might prefer to set up a bakery with a breakfast area where you offer your products directly to consumers. There are many business models, but it's important to choose one to determine the equipment you require. 

At gaux, we have used but like-new machines and equipment suitable for producing artisanal, automated, and industrial bakery and pastry products.

We design integrated production processes through highly efficient global concepts. Together, they help you increase efficiency and performance in producing high-quality products. 

Our portfolio is technically flawless and it is immediately available. 

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As shown in this article, we can categorize bakery equipment, with each category being crucial for the business's operation. Therefore, it's essential to understand these categories to identify which equipment is indispensable.

Bakery machines can be expensive, and perhaps they do not meet your specific needs. Therefore, the option of acquiring second-hand bakery equipment will help significantly reduce initial expenses without sacrificing quality.

At gaux, we have everything that bakeries need to succeed and more.

Contact us, and our experts will answer all your questions.

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