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6 tips to increase sales in your business


6 tips to increase sales in your business
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A good product is key to the success of any business focused on increasing sales and creating a memorable customer experience. Of course, that scenario includes the field of bakeries and pastry shops.

If you own one, your main objective is to win over the customer through the taste. However, it is not the only end to focus your efforts on, because you will be missing many opportunities to boost your business.

From gaux we will propose 6 creative methods so that your bakery or pastry shop never runs out of customers, distinguishing yourself from your competitors.

Offer tastings or promotions

People love free stuff and a bread roll is no exception. Nobody is bitter about bread or candy, and the opportunity to taste some totally free, is particularly a temptation that is hard to give up.

In this context, samples and tastings are a source of inspiration to convince the customer. In addition, knowing and tasting your products will give them a better concept of your business and will allow them to appreciate the quality of what you offer.

If you add promotions to tastings, they become a powerful incentive. As a result, they give you the opportunity to reach a larger market and increase sales in the short term.

So what are you waiting for? assign someone on your staff to offer samples of bread or cake to your customers. If they like the taste, it looks good and the price is on promotion, you can inspire them to buy your product.

Take advantage of the wow factor; especially if they like what they taste, it's a good moment to get them to buy it and share it with others. Also, we recommend you to create a promotion calendar.

Design discounts or special promotions, for each date of the year, when your customers might be interested in buying your products. Share on X

Reach out to local restaurants

Frequent customers are a stable source of income that you should definitely take care of. But, if you really want to increase your sales, start thinking big and expand in the area.

For example, the same thing you sell to a family per week can be multiplied by 4 in a single day if it is bought by a restaurant. So, you need these local establishments to be aware of your products and your prices.

The strategy is to approach local bars, restaurants and cafes to present your most popular products. This way, you can convince them how mutually beneficial it would be for them to offer them in their establishments.

This tip is another way for your product to reach a wider audience and grow your sales.

Not all local restaurants and stores have the capacity to produce their own breads and desserts. Therefore, they look for an external supplier of baked goods. Share on X

Showcase your products on social media and create a website.

Increase sales: create a website and present your products on social networks.
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If your business is not on the Internet and social networks, it simply doesn't exist anywhere.

You can have the nicest store in the area, but if your customers can't follow you on Instagram, your ability to sell is significantly reduced. Especially, because today's consumers, like to know the product even before they leave home. The influence that social networks exert at the moment of making decisions or buying in store is significant.

The strategy is to invest in the design of a clear, accessible and quality website. In addition, its place in which one you have the freedom to show your most ingenious baking ideas. At the same time you use social networks as a virtual showcase for your business.

Offer a quality product

Any strategy you use or effort you make will pay off if your products offer the best presentation, taste and quality. But, if your products are spectacular, your customers will surely come back to buy again and again.

For this tip to have the desired effect, it is essential to have bakery equipment that delivers excellent results. Regardless, of course, of the size of your production.

If you tempt your customers with new bakery products and pastry and confectionery recipes, it will be easier to keep them coming back to your business and increase sales. Share on X

Offer excellent service

Increase sales: smile at your customers and see the effects.
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The shopping experience isn't just about the product and the price. With that in mind, create a comfortable and attractive environment, so that your customers will want to spend more time in your bakery.

But that's not all. Be polite, greet them with a smile and ask how they are. These are polite gestures that customers always appreciate. Finally, wishing them a good day after the purchase, has a very positive impact on the experience.

Make products for special events

The most special dates of the year are a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of its incredible profitability. For example, work on new ideas and proposals to have something different to offer.

Specifically, on days as commercial as Valentine's Day or Christmas. Also, include in your menu of products and services personalized proposals for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

If you feel creative, create your own special days, it is generally well perceived by customers.

Also remember to get the most out of your bakery equipment.


The speed at which consumer trends evolve requires bakeries to invest in alternative methods; specifically those necessary to inform, seduce customers and increase sales.

If you put into practice the 6 tips we share from gaux, you will be opening the door to a new horizon of possibilities. As a result, you will achieve a more profitable business.

To optimize results, acquire the best bakery equipment and stay ahead of your competition, you can contact us, we will gladly advise you. Our vast experience allows us to design flexible production processes with a high degree of customer orientation.

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