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5 types of bakery ovens that you should know before choosing one


Die Bäckerei und ihre Ofentypen

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When you have a bakery it is crucial to know how to choose between the different types of bakery ovens that exist on the market. The importance of this is that the quality of the final product depends a lot on the way the dough is baked.

Advances of technology have greatly influenced the wide variety of ovens that exist today. It has given way to new ways of baking and new results. It has also made it possible to cover larger production volumes.

However, it is important to know what are the options available when baking. Therefore, today we bring you information about the different types of ovens that you can use in your business and where you can buy them.

1. Convection oven

The convection oven works with a hot air system that distribute the air evenly inside the oven. This through the action of a fan that works while the oven is on.

You can choose between different temperature options and during baking it will remain constant. In these ovens it is possible to cook a wide variety of foods, types of breads and cakes.

In this way, convection ovens reduce losses due to overcooked or raw products.

2. Rotary oven

These are equipped with a multi-tray rotating cart. This allows breads or cakes to be exposed to hot air regardless of their position in the oven.

These ovens are also convection, so baking is extremely fast without sacrificing the quality of the results. This attribute allows you to bake a larger number of pieces in a short time.

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3. Deck oven

The main characteristic of this type of oven is that they have different baking chambers. Each of them allows you to cook food at different temperatures at the same time.

This is a feature that makes them stand out from other types of ovens, thanks to their versatility; since a wide range of products can be covered with them, with a simultaneous production process.

Now, these ovens are ideal for making rustic bread. Its refractory floor favors the formation of the crunchy base that characterizes baguette bread and other European breads.

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4. Proofing ovens

They are equipment designed with two chambers. In one, the fermentation itself is carried out, at a constant and specific temperature and humidity depending on the type of product.

Subsequently, the breads or cakes are migrated to the second chamber, where they are baked evenly. This type of equipment is very common in bakeries, but can also be found in confectioneries, restaurants and other shops.

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5. Conventional ovens

Conventional ovens bake food by emitting heat from a source. This can be an electrical resistance or burning some type of fuel, usually gas or wood.

Electric ovens have a thermostat that turns the resistance on or off to keep the temperature constant. Gas or wood ovens will heat more or less, depending on the amount of fuel supplied.

These types of ovens get hotter in some areas than in others. Generally, foods placed on the upper rack receive more heat than those placed on the lower rack.

Ovens of this type for industrial use do not differ much from domestic ones in terms of operation. What usually varies is the capacity to house food inside, which determines how many pieces can be baked for each use.

In bakeries, it is advisable to incorporate containers with water for the emission of the steam that the bread requires in its baking process.

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How to buy bakery ovens?

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Today there are many alternatives available in terms of types of bakery ovens. For this reason, here we have told you about the most used ones, so that you are able to choose the one that best suits the needs of your business.

If you are looking for a handmade result, the conventional oven can help you achieve it. Do you want to increase production? The rotary oven may be your best choice. Do you want to vary your product offer? Perhaps a deck oven would suit you better.

Take the necessary time before deciding on one in particular, since your choice will be decisive in the performance of your business. By choosing an oven, you are conditioning the quality of your products, which can affect sales.

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