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5 recommendations for choosing an industrial fryer


Empfehlungen, die bei der Auswahl einer industriellen Fritteuse zu berücksichtigen sind
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In the process of acquiring an industrial fryer, either by creating a business or by expanding it, a series of questions are generated, among them, which equipment to choose. The one you choose must respond to demand, ensure stable production at low cost, and be part of an integrated system.

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In this post we give you 5 recommendations to choose an industrial fryer that will help you in making a decision.

Fryer type and capacity

One of the points to consider when choosing an industrial fryer has to do how often it will be used. This has to do with the demand for the product that the business or bakery has. In this way, it can be determined the size and capacity of the equipment.

On the market there is a variety of industrial fryers that, depending on the use, size and capacities, can be classified as:

Open pot

They are equipment with one or more tanks which main characteristic is that the heating device is located outside the tank. And also, they have a cold area that helps maintain the quality of the oil.

Tube type

The main difference of this machine is that the oil heating element is located inside the tank in the form of tubes. This system has larger cold areas that guarantee a higher quality of the oil.


In this fryer, the heating system is electric and it is located inside the tank in the form of wires. In addition, they are very efficient equipment due to their oil preheating times.

Other equipment can also be added, such as conveyor belts; both to feed or to collect.

With flat bottom

This equipment has the heating element on the outside of the tank, and thanks to its flat bottom, it allows faster cleaning.

This flat bottom shape does not allow cold zones, which translates into a very rapid deterioration of the oil.

Pressure or vacuum fryer

It works dehydrating the product at low temperatures in a short time. The food retains moisture, nutrients and flavor, creating a quality product. Oil degradation is slower due to low temperatures.

They have an electrical or gas heating system with a built-in filtration system.

All these equipment have mechanical or digital thermostats making them safe for the operator and guaranteeing the quality of the product.

They may also have programmable controls, allowing you to preset frying times and temperatures.

At gaux we offer you a series of new and used equipment, and we provide advice and assistance in your project according to your needs.

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Another point to consider when choosing an industrial fryer is the speed of the equipment to reach the established production quota. This is closely related to the ability to maintain the lowest temperature between frying cycles, in order to obtain the amount of product in the shortest time.

To increase the efficiency of this equipment, automation is the right option.

An automated oil filtration and pumping system keeps the oil free of impurities, extending its useful life, saving money, raw material and time in maintenance.

The incorporation of other elements, such as an automatic oil dispenser, regulates the required level between cycles. A feeding conveyor belt, cooling belt, among others, could also be integrated.

All of these items will help make your bakery more efficient in production, minimizing costs.

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Oil recovery time

Another consideration to take into account in an industrial fryer is the speed of the machine to reach the ideal frying temperature once the food has been introduced. This is what is defined as oil recovery time.

At this point, industrial gas fryers achieve higher temperatures in less time compared to electric ones. The latter preserves the temperature for a longer time between the load of the product and another, which reduces the temperature recovery time between cycles.

Knowing the time it takes to each industrial fryer to reach and maintain frying temperature, allows us to visualize more widely the required equipment according to production and estimated demand.

Ease of cleaning

Ease of cleaning is another condition to take into account when choosing an industrial fryer. The machine must allow easy access to its different parts, especially the tank or bucket. The parts must be mobile, either manually or mechanized.

Filtering and changing the oil must be carried out in a simple and safe way for the operator. With a pumping system that allows the oil to be returned to the bucket once filtered, or removed when it has completed its useful life.

Periodic cleaning guarantees the functionality of the equipment, hygiene and quality of the processed foods.

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Heating system type

The type of energy of the industrial fryer is also important to take into account at the time of your choice. This equipment is manufactured with a gas or an electric heating system.

Gas fryers are very popular in small and medium businesses, due to the low cost of gas in comparison to electricity. These machines quickly reach the set temperature. But once the entry of the product begins, the temperature drops, slowing it down, which affects the production process.

Electric fryers generate a rejection due to the cost related to energy. Although it is true that in these machines the initial consumption is high, once the established temperature is reached, the consumption decreases by approximately 60%. This is because they have an efficient energy system that allows the temperature to be maintained.

The industrial fryer in its continuous version has a great advantage over the others. It has a continuous input system, which allows the temperature of the oil not to drop abruptly with the input of the product.


Choosing an industrial fryer among so many options is not an easy task. Although it is true that there is a wide range of equipment, the key point focuses on the power supply (gas or electric).

The decision to make is based on the projection that you want to give to the business. What is it that you want to produce and in what quantities, therefore, it obeys production objectives and goals.

Industrial fryers, both electric and gas, are machines with pros and cons. Whose main differential factor is the ability to maintain the temperature of the oil during frying. At this specific point, the electric fryer is the most efficient. However, the decision in choosing a fryer directly influences the production of your bakery.

At gaux we have a variety of equipment and experience to help you make the best decision.

For more information contact us. We have qualified personnel who can guide you in the planning and implementation of your project.

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