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4 Changes Driven by Technology in Bakeries


Technology in bakeries and the changes it drives
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Technology in bakeries has advanced significantly. Its integration into businesses in this industry allows them to adapt to the rapidly changing expectations, tastes, and demands of consumers.

If you look at the advantages from different perspectives, you will realise that technological progress is very important in the bakery industry. Not only does it improve production capacity, but it also reduces operating costs and optimises the quality of your baked goods.

In this article, we look at four significant changes that modern technology has brought to bakeries. We invite you to read on and not miss any of these exciting developments.

1 More efficient customer service

One of the aspects most favored by technological progress is customer service. Processes such as order management, dispatch and invoicing are carried out faster and more efficiently thanks to computer programmes.

Additional services, such as the delivery of baked goods, also benefit from tools such as apps or online payments. This can have a positive impact on the customer's shopping experience.

If you look at technological progress from an organisational perspective, it can take over more complex tasks for you and make your day-to-day work easier. Thanks to technology, for example, the inventory management of your bakery can be managed better.

Smooth inventory management can help you avoid stock shortages, which in turn prevents supply shortages from occurring.

Running out of certain products can be disappointing for customers and make them buy their favourite products from another bakery.

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2 Enhanced Safety and Comfort

Safety is another aspect that has greatly improved with the advancement of technology. For example, special sensors can warn the user when machines are not ready for operation.

For instance, there are ovens that trigger an alarm or do not switch on until the door is properly closed. There are also kneaders that do not run until the bowl is securely fastened.

These are all aspects that help to prevent accidents at work and improper use of machines and tools.

3 More Efficient and Innovative Techniques

Innovative techniques and technology in bakeries
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Every day, new ingredients are experimented with or new machines are integrated into the production process. This leads to changes in the production process and in the recipes for baked goods.

Silicone moulds are a good example of this. These can withstand extreme temperatures, both cold and heat. This makes it possible to freeze the dough in them and then place it directly in the oven.

This makes the production process more flexible and increases production capacity.

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4 High-Quality Machinery and Equipment

In bakeries, production is the area most affected by changes in modern technology. There are automated machines and equipment that simplify the production of different types of baked goods.

From kneading to decoration, it's possible to find the ideal machine for your bakery.

Therefore, it is possible to achieve consistent results and ensure high quality baked goods. A timer can help you to avoid over-baking or under-baking the goods.

In this regard, at gaux, we offer a wide variety of new and used machines. With them, it's possible to assemble comprehensive and automated production lines for any bakery and patisserie.

Our trained staff are on hand with help and advice from the purchase to the installation of your machine. Our expertise is internationally recognised and we are present in various countries around the world.

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Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible for bakeries to have better control over production. This makes it easy to define and achieve desired results in the flavour, consistency and appearance of baked goods.

Consequently, technology is a cornerstone for achieving success in any bakery or patisserie. You should consider investing in high-tech machines.

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