we’ll help you bake up a storm!

Plunge into the world of our bakery systems and production lines: benefit from our comprehensive portfolio including laminating, baguette and bread roll systems, as well as lines for producing bread and pastries.

fully baked machinery solutions

trivi dough conveyor line for pizza dough

capacity: 1200 kg

tin bread line

wp pre proofing cabinet

fortuna proofing cabinet

könig bun line

weight range: 40 - 85 g
capacity: 10.000 pieces / hour
refurbished in 2010

mecatherm baguette line

for 60/80 trays

muffin line

sponge finger biscuit line

pizza decoration line

bread line

frozen baguette line

sandwichtoast line

Length: 60 m
Width: 6 m
Heigth: 4 m

mecatherm combi line

bread line 1

bread line 2a

bread line 2b